Rebecka Gustafsson

Gymnasiearbete 2017 

Our final production was the Jungle book however it was a revised version. In our revised version of the Jungle Book, we deal with social questions about how a society works in a dystopian future. How a society that has fallen deals with the consequences and those who are left are the poor wolves (homeless people) and the rich monkeys (Stockholm’s brats). The humans have fled Stockholm and let the wolves and monkeys take over. The city never recovered from the terrible thing that happened, it became a jungle and the wolves do everything to survive, the monkeys only stir up trouble as soon as they are near. Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa and Shere Khan appears as well as a few more.

I was a part of the costume group that picks out all the costumes for the characters and extras. My job was to sew and I picked the clothes for the dancer and for Joppe, Noppe, and Akela, a few of the main characters in the production. I did my best to get together all the dancers' clothes together so they looked good on them and together. Akelas clothes were changed last minute before we had the premiere and those I did not pick out. Joppes clothes changed last minute but worked out well anyway, we had many ideas such as jeans, shirt and a pull over. Noppes clothes were fine all the way though. 

I worked hard to get together a character I wanted to be both in the dances and as a person with lines. I wanted to do my best and that is what I did. I took the note that I received and made the result good. I worked hard to make the dances. I trained as much as I could to get it to the best scenic appearance I made. I played a wolf who bullied Mowgli but still very much cared for him. I also played an American solider that were after the gold Mowgli had found in the cave with Thuu. I were a monkey who just wanted to party like every other monkey.

We built up our confidence a lot to do this. We boosted both our own confidence and each other’s. To be able to do a big production like this you need to have confidence in both yourself and others. You also need to have patience because of the long rehearsal period, the many changes before it becomes the finished product. To reach the finished produced you need to work together and that is exactly what we did, we work together to make this production into what it became.

The meeting of the audience was amazing most of the time, one audience were awful they just did not want to be there. However, we made our best out of the situation. When it was a good audience, we got a boost, we performed better and we liked to be on stage. Our performance often depended on the audience being good. However, we always tried our best to make the show something spectacular to watch. We tried to make it 5-0 to us all the times.

The result of all this work was spectacular. We worked hard to make it into what it became. Our preparations paid off, our long days of training was worth it. Both the audience and we appreciated the result. I felt proud of what I had accomplice on stage, the dancing and the acting. The dances were perfect they fitted perfectly and the acting was amazing. The result was something none of us expected but it was great and that is what counts. This is probably something I will never do again so I am very proud to have done this and made it such an amazing performance with such talented and amazing people.

#1 - Angelica

Jättebra text Rebecka! Kul att du skrev om hur skådespelet gick och att du övade mycket och tog notes från Lena. Du lyckades ju hur bra med det som helst på scenen sen! Hade varit kul att läsa mer om specifika danser, vilken din favorit var, hur ni kom fram med idéer osv. Men jättefint skriven text :)

#2 - Mathilda Karnell

Bra skrivet! Jag tyckte det var en väldigt bra inledning! Tyckte även det var väldigt kul att läsa om hur stolt du var över resultatet och allas insatser - det gav mig ett leende på läpparna ;) Kul att du tog upp att du jobbade med dina karaktärer både som dansare och skådespelare. Jag skulle gärna vilja läsa mer om hur det kändes att ha repliker, hur du utvecklades samt hur du kände och hur tankarna gick med sista minuten ändringarna gällande kostymerna. Annars super! :D