Matilda Frediksson
The Jungle Book The jungle book created by Alexander Mörk Eiden interpreted by ES14 gives us an insight into how society could be in 2117. Much has broken, people with high status gain more power. Society has changed into a jungle. Mowgli becomes a part of the poor people after the death of his parents; different animals from the jungle book have become names of different individuals in society; these "animals" expose mowgli to dangerous situations while other "animals" are good and want to help. Mowgli is struggling to find his right self in a society that has a difficulty of making everyone feel welcomed..
The whole work began by dividing into working groups. I was first assigned suit but when I did not feel really comfortable with the work team I switch to marketing. In marketing, we work to promote the production of social media, but also locally by posting posters and distributing flyers. We created a template for how the poster and flyers should look and then look for a person who carries more knowledge in that area and can help us further. With the poster, we thought that we would get the jungle in to the poster because the script is based on the jungle book and the plates on Sergel's square when the performance took place there. The script is written from the world of people and not the jungle, but has only been inspired by the jungle. Therefore, we chose that the plates would be the jungle of the dominant fellow, only visible in Shere Khan's tombs. It's Shere Khan's mark that puts the last touch on the poster. I thought the poster was great and that you clearly got an idea of what the performance would be about. My biggest responsibility was the tickets to the school performances, but of course everyone helped each other with everything. We printed all tickets in different colors depending on day and time, cut them and then sorted row by row. Then we carefully divided the tickets in envelopes and sent to the classes at Katedralskolan as well as Djäkne, Tegla and Metis.
Then the time of rehearsals began. I missed many of the practises because of illness. I had a hard time practicing on my own and that’s why I was some steps behind. When we started to rehearse on stage and on late nights before the show I began to catch up on my dances. In my opinion I thought that we should have started earlier to avoid being stressed the last days before the show.
In the show we had three different choreographers, it was interesting to work with different choreographers to get variety. We had different styles, the style that dominated was street dance. This I think is for the theme of the show and that the director wanted this style in most situations. Other styles included are modern / contemporary choreographed by Linnea Borden as well as a jazz song choreographed by Jorge as we had to enhance the monkeys, Noppe and Joppes feel in their "dream world". I thought act two was the most fun, maybe because there was more dance in act two. In act two there was something called the 2banana republic”, a nightclub "where everyone who is something” is hanging. We danced three different dances at the republic. The first choreography is Ida Persson's, we reinforce the feeling that we were at the club. This is one of my favorite choreographies of the show. The stage continued with a dance the class itself has choreographed, the dance style is dance hall and the feeling is happy. We ended up with a hypnosis dance choreographed by Ida Persson. The snake Kaa hypnotises and guides the "monkeys" throughout the dance. Even the monkeys Noppe and Joppe reinforce numbers by joining in and dancing. I think everyone dances reinforces different emotions that arise and adds, I think, that the audience perceives that it is happening more on the stage. Since my main dance style is modern dance, I obviously wanted more of it in the show to get more variation among the dances, as I grew tired of only dancing dances that I usually don't dance.
On Monday we wrapped up the scene and cleaned. It went relatively fast. I cleaned my lodge, picked down a tree, carried down pieces of metal in the basement, recycled bottles, carried out plants, pulled nails out of the wall, picked up leaves and picked up cleaning materials. In order to achieve results, we have spent a lot of time repeating. We have stayed at many late evenings to get the best results. We divided the dancers into two groups, both groups had some dances to make it all as effective as possible, thus achieving a better result because we did not have time for all dancers to learn all the dances.
The audience was different from performance to performance, the audience influenced very much. Sometimes the audience were excited while other times they were not at all as excited. The performances for high schools were more difficult than the others, perhaps because of the younger age. The times when you had a good audience, you were overwhelmed and had more energy and delivered better. The days when you did not get the response you wanted from the audience you felt that you did something wrong, but it's for the best to just shake it off and continue doing what you practised. I think it's important to have a good attitude when dancing, so it becomes more interesting to look at the dance. I felt that I had an attitude but that I could definitely have had more. For each performance, one gained more routine and thought more about the expression.
The result of the performance was good but it could be better from my part. I wish I had not been sick so much because I would not have been after the other dancers all the time, but on the other hand, that's nothing I could have done different to prevent getting an sickness. At first, I was very worried about the fact that we would not get done with all the dances and I mostly saw a single chaos, but the more we were on stage, the more it looked like an finished product ready to be performed. Overall, the result was very good, it felt like the last performance was the best of all, and the dancers had been syncing, the theaters could make their replies so good that they could play a little with them.
#1 - Tina

Håller verkligen med dig om att det hade varit skönt att börja med danserna tidigare för att slippa stress, samtidigt som det var svårt för lärarna och veta vad de ville ha.
Man kan inte hjälpa att man är sjuk men jätte kul och bra att du kände att du kom ikapp när det var dags! Du gjorde så gott du kunde och det är det viktigaste.
Jätte bra jobbat!

#2 - Erika

Erika: Mycket bra text. Jag gillar hur du presenterar föreställningen i början. Du har även förklarat väldigt noga från början vad vi har gjort och hur vi byggt upp föreställningen. Det jag skulle vilja läsa mer om är din utveckling, vad hade du för mål och hur mycket satsade du personligt på både repet och föreställningarna. Annars jättebra!! Du är grym