Maite Govantes

The Jungle book

Me and my class has worked with a production which is a dystopia written by Alexander Mork Eidem built on the story from Disney´s Jungle Book. It´s our largest and final project in school. We have worked in two different ways. One way include the practice of dance and drama and the other way include job with all things around the production. The class was divided in five groups with various responsibilities like multimedia, stage-make-up, costume, promoting and scenography. 

I participated in the Stage-make-up group which was fun but complicated. Firstly we got a lot of ideas from the same show but in Stockholm and analysis from the girls in our class about their characters. Then we represented the ideas to the director who gave us feedback. Afterwards we did orders on cosmetic the school didn´t had for example eye-contacts and concealer. We did malls on how it should look, organized times to try the make-up and took pictures of everybody.


  At the same time when we worked in the groups we also practice dancing and make choreographies which we were divided into between us students and the teachers. But of course we worked together as well. To clarify the works went on parallel with each other. On the dance-class we started to brainstorm a lot of ideas about which dance-style we should dance, which music it should be and also were the choreographies should make the best place in the whole show. The director let us do what we wanted but meantime she decided where in the story it should be and the feeling. Sometimes it was hard to understand which persons you should listen to. Maybe the danceteachers, the director, the friend on your side or what yourself wanted to do. Usually it ended in compromising’s between all parts.  

This is my third year in the esthetical programme with specification on dance which also was my mainly part in the production on stage. Altogether we had twelve dance-scens and I took part in nine of them. When I act on the stage I was a wolf and sometimes a monkey, wolfs illustrated homeless and the monkeys rich people. Except the dance-perfomance I had some lines like the actors which were very fun and challenging. 

This project has required a lot of work and both the body and my mental strength were tired. 13 days in a row in school included many repetitions and preparations. One week before the premiere we went through the whole show several times just to get it into our body but also get a flow and notes. Some choreographies we practised in front of a mirror just to get sure that you do right steps. 

We had general repetition a day before the premiere and then we actually had a small audience. That gave a lot of extra feeling for what we did on stage. Everything went smoothly without stop except the final dance. Since we started the working process I felt a little bit stressed about the time we had. And it was also my feeling when we got through the whole show on the general repetition. We have performed the Jungle Book eight times, five times in front of the school students on Katedralskolan and also Djäkne- and Metisskolan. Three times in front of an audience consisting of persons who have booked tickets before on our phone. Everyone had to payed 100 crowns, all ages. This audiences in general were the best because it especially were persons who we knew. Like families, friends, cousins, boyfriends and so on. Of course they wanted to see us and supported us the most.  

Finally everything fell into place. The best show was the premiere for the evening audience. We had a lot of energy, supported each other and were nervous but ready to give the best. After the weekend show there were a lot of my classmates who were sick. But we made the best of every single show even then.  

I’m so glad for all the memories we made together, and I hope we can make a lot more. 


#1 - Olivia Ramviken

Jättebra!! Jag tyckte du fick med allt som uppstod under produktionen, arbeten och tankar men även problem som vilken lärare man skulle lyssnat på, vilket var väldigt jobbigt ibland. Det enda jag tänkte på var att det skulle vara roligare om man fick läsa mer om vad du själv hade för tankar under hela processen, vad hade du själv för ideér för sminkgruppen tillexempel??

Men jag tyckte det var bra skrivet och man får reda på det man ville veta i stort sett, så super! <3

#2 - Signe

Håller helt med Olivia! Jättebra och ingående text, också väldigt glad över att du tog upp problemen med stress och konflikter, det är viktigt att man pratar om det för framtiden! Jag hade gärna velat veta lite mer om danserna, vilka stilar och allt sånt du var med i och vad du tyckte om det.
Bra jobbat!!<3