Klara Brodén

   Klara Brodèn

  Katedralskolan,  ES14

In this work my class had the main goal to have a finished theater with inputs of dancing acts in a half year The dances often reflected feelings or situations in the story. “Djungelboken” is the name of the play and the script is written by Alexander Môrk Eidem. Our class is divided in two different focus areas, dance and theater. I have the focus theater and had the role as Akela, the wolf pack leader. Some other characters are Baloo, Baghera and Mowgli. We also had groups with different jobs, these different groups were make up, costume, marketing, scenography and multimedia. All these groups worked on their specific job during this half year.

I was in the scenography group and our job were to fix the stage as we wanted it to look like and we also took care of most of the props and made a plan on how the stage switches would work out. In the first two-three weeks we talked about our image of the finished result. We all had a similar picture. We also took up our scaffolding. The scaffolding we transformed to a ragged building using sheet metal to cover the scaffolding. Some things we were from the beginning certain we wanted to have and that we also made through were for example stairs, cold colours and different types of plants. I had a idea that we could have a broken stair on one side and one stair on the other to make it look more old and broken. But we needed two stairs for a scene switch and one stair we needed as a real stair to get to the upper scaffolding. Another idea we had in the beginning was to have a floor made of a plastic carpet. Our plan were to make triangles from the carpet and then put it in a pattern similar to Sergels torg. In this process we cleaned them, measured the floor and cut some triangles out. After approximately 1 weeks we decided that the idea was bad because it would take too much time and be in the way for the dancers. We got some of our ideas from a picture from Sergels torg and we also did a Pinterest album with inspirational pictures. We got the idea to use neon light for banan republiken from the Pinterest album.  After we had a plan we made a list so all could have different responsibilities areas. Through this I learned how important planning is and also to think through a idea more so you are 100 % sure.

In my role as Akela we started to write a character analysis. This contained our personalities and wills. To find my role I also made a Pinterest album with pictures and quotes that suited my character. We practised to make our role in different levels of human and animal. It was important that we always had a animal part in our character. On stage I often raised my neck/throat, rubbed my teeth and sprawl my fingers to show the animal part. We also had several status exercises in order to find out how high or low status we had. Akela has a high status and through is I walked pretty slow in my character. A big challenge for me as Akela was to keep the balance between wisdom and status, to be calm and safe but at the same time determined with a high status.

The performances worked well. It felt like everyone stepped up and became more confident of what we would do during the scenes and dances so the public meetings felt good. The audience has been different to time to time in different ways. Some audiences have been loud and noisy and some did not give any reaction at all. I learned that you always have to do the show as you wanted it for yourself and for those in the audience that wanted to watch. We had some very good audience also. I grew in my role by meeting the audience I think. When the audience laughed by example Baloo’s jokes in a scene, I noticed that I needed to give the joke and Baloo more focus to enhance the moment and not stress through. But even if you did not always get the same reactions, you learned how to have a better focus and directions in the scenes.

I think the result of the production turned out good. I think that the scenography turned out good. I felt it gave the right first impression for the audience. I think it was a very fun experience and I have learned a lot from it.








#1 - Frida Berlin

Kul att du bidrog med många idéer till scenografigruppen! Bra att du kunde använda dig av Pintrest för att kunna hitta dig själv i din roll. Det var även bra att du lärde dig att göra din roll som du vill och oavsett hur "dålig" publiken var, bara för att ge allt för dem som verkligen var där för att se föreställningen. Riktigt kul att se att du växte så inför varje föreställning och att du lärde dig att ha bättre fokus trots att du kanske inte alltid fick samma reaktioner varje gång! Grymt jobbat Klara :)

#2 - Elsa E

Bra skrivit Klara! Roligt att läsa om ert arbete i scenografi och hur ni tänkte när ni byggde scenen. Det var också kul att få läsa om din analys av Akela och vad som var svårt med att tolka och spela henne. Toppenbra jobbat!!