Hanna Lundgren

The Jungle book

Me and my class have set up a theater and dance performance based on the classic Jungle book but with a twist, instead of the classic we bought the rights to The jungle book that was written as a dystopia by Alexander Mork Eidem. The story is about Mowgli who grows up in a society where the wolfs are homeless people and the monkeys are the over class in the story. All the caracters as Bagheera, Baloo, Akela, Shere Khan and Kaa for example are also are also included. The story itself is quite similar to the original, Shere Khan kill Mowglis parents and the homeless takes care of Mowgli as she grows up, she meets some obstacle on the way (Shere Khan) but wins over her at the end and the show ends with Mowgli going on a new journey to her own people, the humans.

From the start it was a musical but we only used the theater parts and added our own dance routines. I danced in 8 of 12 dances, the intro dance, the jazz dance, the military dance, the banana republic scene where it was three dances in one number, the Bagheera dance and the final dance. During the show I also moved the stairs and took out the couch. During the process I have worked in the group multimedia, we cut all the music, the special effects, film clips for the background in dances and scenes. In the beginning of our work I thought it was a bit difficult to find out what to do because we hadn’t come so far in the process yet. But as the week went we could do more because we had more dances and the theater had developed more. In the last two weeks before the premiere I felt that I could do something, before I had just looked for sounds and looked for music. Now I cut a video for a scene that was a demonstration scene.

We were in school 13 days in a row before the premiere and practiced on the dances and the theater, we reputed the show over and over again so that it would sit in our bodies. On these days it was all about collaboration, focus and encouraging each other. We also as we went through the practicing we were given notes on things that we could improve. That helped a lot so the dances and the expression was on top.
In our dance production the dance production we had in second grade I felt more unsure on the dances and on face expression, now this year everything just went away as we worked with it. Of course I was nervous before we were going to have the premiere, but that’s normal. But I felt so comfortable and confident during the whole week. I liked all the dances, after danced the intro I had such adrenaline kick. I just loved the whole thing, with the ramp part and the last dance part at the intro. Face expression was easy but not that easy, as homeless people we were supposed to be angry and determined, in the jazzdance we were happy, in the military dance we were determined and in the Bagheera dance we was happy but not happy smiling but happy for Bagheera, Baloo and Mowgli.
The final result I think became awesome, I’m so happy with the whole production and think that we really got forward with the message, alienation. All the dances were good, the theater was good. It melted together very good.    


#1 - Glenda Lindh

Jag håller helt med om att det var mycket svårare att hitta uttryck och komma ihåg koreografi under dansproduktionen. Sen tyckte jag att det var intressant att läsa om din utveckling i multimedia gruppen! Det enda jag hade velat läsa mer om var vad du tyckte om resultatet :)

#2 - Amanda Malmström

Det var intressant att läsa om vilka danser du var med i och dina uppgifter i
multimedia. Jag gillade verkligen där du beskrev om din utveckling som dansare och att du har fått mer självförtroende. Jag förstår även att det kunde vara svårt med ansiktsuttryck när det växlade mellan många olika. Det hade varit roligt att få läsa mer om vad du tyckte om publikmötet.