Sandra Ovrahi

                                                                                                                                                                                         Sandra Ovrahi  ES14                                

The Jungle Book

The jungle book was chosen by our teachers, but we didn’t mind at all. When I read the script I got a feeling that it will be a rally cool play, it was way different from the original jungle book.  Our play was rewritten by Alexander Mork – Eidem, in our version of the jungle book we have decided to replace Kipling's Indian jungle against a dystopian Stockholm future. Time and space are changed to make the performance more relevant and easily accessible to a modern audience. What I really liked with the play was that nobody really cared about the society.


My role in the play was Raksha the wolf, and again it was the teacher who decided the roles. In the beginning I didn’t really like my role, I thought it was too small and a boring. But when we started with the practice I kind of realized that it was not as boring like I imagined in the beginning. I started working so hard with the role analysis, and it changed really my thoughts. I decided that Raksha was a women around 30 and when I analyzed it, I started to realize how hard her life has been, she really had a tough time in her life. Her background life was that everyone had tried to take everything from her and that was the reason she was homeless.

 A few weeks before the premier I decided to not participate in the play and I cannot really go out with and share it because it´s something private. Instead to be on stage I was helping the classmates backstage. But I have

Months before the show we worked in groups and we worked with different things, I was in the makeup group. We were only three people and we made a decision that everyone of us had to choose four characters. So I worked with Baghera, Joppe, Noppe, Takhar and Raksha´s makeup and I had five instead. When I worked with Baghera/Signe´s makeup I watched so many videos and pictures and after that I decided that she should have a very dark/Smokey eye because she was a prostitute before. From beginning she was going to have brown Smokey eye but instead she changed to black. And the hair was naturally straight because it suited her perfect that way.

Joppe/Louise and Noppe/ Filippa´s when I started planning their makeup I researched on YouTube and I spoke with the others in the group. So I decided that they should have two different shades of brown Smokey eye shadow and it looked awesome with nude lips. The reason why I decided this kind of makeup for these two girls is because they in a way reminded me of the Bratz dolls I had as little girl and it came to my mind that those dolls had brownish Smokey eyes so that’s what I went for. And both Joppe and Noppe had very longhair exactly like Bratz so I decided that both should have same hair style like the dolls, Joppe had ponytail and Noppe had half ponytail with curls.

When I worked with Takhar/Isabell´s makeup I learnt how to transform a woman to a man. It was very fun to work with her makeup, it was my first time but it went very well and it was easy. She had a very natural makeup and that was because she was homeless, but the contouring changed the shape of her face and make her to look like a guy.

Raksha/Louise had a natural makeup and two braids. Her makeup was done like that because she was also homeless.

This is not the only work that I have done, I have helped the other in my group with draw eyebrows and giving them some ideas like what eye shadows they should use and how they should contour. I learnt also a new eye makeup that I liked. And the dancer’s makeup we decided them together me, Maite and Frida. We found it to be better with a natural look when they were supposed to be wolfs and when they were monkeys we decided that they should have a dark lipstick if they didn’t have the time to put eye shadow they didn’t have to, it was a free choice.

The thing that makes us reach the results is that we collaborate, we worked so hard and we helped each other when we saw that someone needed help or when we saw someone that was stressed out. I think the most positive thing I have done in this production was the work that I have done in my group and when I helped the scenography with fixing some trees, glowed newspaper and paint the ramp. I have also painted the trees and a wooden plate form that we was going to attached it on the wall.


Like I said before, I decided to not participate in the play but I saw the show once and the audience was very happy, they were clapping after each scene and my class

were more serious on stage when there were audiences.

The results with this production was very good, everything was perfection I´m so satisfied and everyone worked so hard and the play turned out so good. The makeup that I had decided they managed to make it exactly the way I wanted so I´m grateful and very satisfied.  










#1 - Emilia

Kul att du tillslut ändå lärde dig tycka om din roll, och att du fick en starkare relation till henne. Synd att du ej kunde vara med, men du fanns ändå med som hjälp. Bra jobb och tankar kring sminkning :)

#2 - Emilia

Kul att du tillslut ändå lärde dig tycka om din roll, och att du fick en starkare relation till henne. Synd att du ej kunde vara med, men du fanns ändå med som hjälp. Bra jobb och tankar kring sminkning :)

#3 - Emilia

Synd att du till en början inte tyckte om din karaktär så mycket. Det kan vara mycket svårare att hitta rätt då. Tur att du ändå tillslut förstod innebörden i henne och insåg stt hon har mer bakgrundshistoria än vad som nämns i manus. Kul och skönt för dig! Tyckte du gjorde en bra jobb med det lilla du ändå hade.
Vi saknade dig på scenen men precis som du säger fanns du där för att hjälpa till med andra saker. Det blev många bra sminknigar. Kul att du blev nöjd med dom och till och med fick egen inspiration. Tack för hjälpen i scenografi. Både med träden och med målningen. Det blev bra tillslut som du säger! :)

#4 - Vera

Fin sammanfattning av pjäsen i början. Synd somsagt att du inte kunde vara med på föreställningarna, men det du visade tidigare var imponerande och att du ändå ville ställa upp och hjälpa bakom scenen! Såsom Emilia medgav, var det kul att höra att du senare gillade din roll, pga. karaktärsananalysen som du berättar hjälpt dig en del, vilket jag själv kan relatera till. Texten i det stora hela är lättläst, vilket är bra! När man läste hur du jobbade i prod-grupp, förstod man att du fick nya erfarenheter och lärdomar om smink- kul! Det enda som kunde utvecklas var lite mer förklaring allmänt, kanske hur vi i klassen eller din prod.grupp jobbade ihop. Annars, fint jobbat!