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The Jungel book


Our final production was our own version of The Jungle book, this version was written by Rudyard Kiplings and is a dystopic of Stockholm in the future. Here, 16-year-old Mowgli hangs out with the homeless who took care of her when Shere Khan murdered her parents. The dangers that threaten the human flesh are many: Hypnotic Kaa, Bratsen Noppe and Joppe and Shere Khan who want to kill her. Fortunately, her emotional foster parents Baloo and Bagheera keep her under surveillance. Mowgli has to find herself in a world that has difficulty accepting those who are different.


The play is a lot like the original, you will find you know almost every character and that you can follow the story, but it is also very different from the original, a lot of new things happens and a few new characters appear, new adventures and new challenges. In our version of the jungle book we want to take up and address some problems in the society, like class distinctions and racism.
This we do by showing very clearly that they are in groups, like the homeless are only with the homeless, the bratz are only with the bratz and so on, we have shown with help from costumes and props, how poor or rich they are, where they are in society.


In the play I was acting and played Takhar and a journalist,Thakhar was one of the homeless and was Rakhas ( Homless, original stepmother to Mowgli) boyfriend, he was very protective of Raksha and loved her very much so even if he didn’t really like humans or Mowgli, he did everything for both Raksha and Mowgli, even stood up to Shere Khan. After the prologue Thakar dies, and so does Raksha.
The journalist who would be a vulture if she was an animal, was really cheerful and wanted to be in the spot light and always know what was going on. It was a challenge to be two different roles and something incredibly fun to work with, I made them two very different persons and I am proud of myself that I could do that. I really loved seeing myself grow, from that almost same people came out on stage to really be two different persons.

How I worked with the characters was almost the same with both of them, first I read the manuscript a bunch of times, after that I wrote a character analysis for myself so that I could get started with them and have a ground to work with, A characters analysis is a paper you work with, where you build up the person you are about to become, you write about there Background, who they are and if they have special bond with some of the other characters, you can also write about their future and a bunch of stuff, you make up a person really.

When I was done with that, it was time to go on stage, I started to get to know my characters and started do build them up even more, they became real.

I also was in the scenography group, we build the staged and everything around it, my work has been a little bit mixed, one day it has been to googled plants all day, go to Jula and shop for wheels, the other day it has been painting stairs, walls or building a ramp. I've learned a lot of different problem solving, stopping what I was doing and think because sometimes that is all you can do, rebuilding is necessary and it's okay that one's ideas do not always work and listen to each other.
I'm very pleased to have chosen Scenography, I love working hands-on and doing things, having worked in scenography has really made me appreciate my creative side and I've thought it was super fun! I’m a very creative person with a lot of ideas, so I think this group has been perfect, we have all listened to each other and everyone has had the same amount of work.


To have reached the result we did, we have punched each other really much, in a positive way, We have supported each other through good and bad times, because this production has really been a journey, for everyone, most of us has hated it at some point and at some point have we all loved it, we have grown with the production and I am very proud to have done this with my class, ES14.

After months of rehearsal and a lot of work, blood, sweat and tears, it was time for the premier, what a feeling. Going out on stage, meeting the audience for the first time, hearing the applause, laughter and everything in between, feeling the adrenalin in the blood, the pulse going up, it was truly the most amazing feeling I have felt in my entire life, that was the feeling I needed to have to live. Showing people what I have worked with, for so long it was so cool, hearing them appreciate it, love it as much as I did, I can’t really explain that feeling, it was just amazing, I never wanted to get of the stage.
All audience wasn’t as good as you could have hoped, but the feeling I had was still the same, I still loved what I did, even if they didn’t like it as much. I still gave them my best, because I loved it and I am glad I did it, I’m glad I gave them all I had, because maybe someone of all the people watching,  loved it as much as I did, and I gave that person all I had.


So the result of this production, for being an idea, to reading the script, to all the ideas with the scenography to acutely do this for an audience, I never acutely thought we would make it, it seemed to impossible at the beginning it is amazing.
The results was outstanding and better than I could ever have dreams of, I am very proud of my fellow classmates and all we have done to accomplice this.

#1 - Filippa Ramviken

Bra text! Ibland kändes inte engelskan flytande, men fortfarande bra!
Skulle vilja veta mer om de andra grupperna och inte bara scenografi. Annars älskar jag hur du förklarde ditt arbete med två karaktärer och förklarade hur du arbetade på scenen. Tycker om den!